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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Human Computer Interaction Day (HCI Day) 2014

Assalamualaikum! Hi! Hello! Ni hao ma? Feeling good? :) emm, I'm gonna make the intro short for this entry. why? hmm. agak-agak kenapa? wait and see. dan pastikan korang baca sampai habis. heeee~ >.<

Human Computer Interaction is "study of people, computer and the ways these influence each other. We study HCI to determine how we can make this computer technology more usable by people." (Dix, 1998).  Well, sebenarnya HCI nie salah satu subject yang aku ambik this sem. subject nie best bagi aku, sebab xde coding. haha. dan yang best subject nie more to creating the prototype..which is the device kind of prototype and system (web-based and mobile apps) kind of prototype. basically, it is about creating interface. for this subject, kitorang perlu create interfaces je, xde laa sampai nak design totally including the database. maybe boleh untuk sesiapa nak continue their work as their FYP nanti. yeah, fikir-fikirkan dulu. :)

so, yang ambik subject nie sem nie ada dua major. bebudak major multimedia dengan bebudak kitorang yang major software engineering nie. for multimedia, dorang kena buat device. any device yang dorang nak create laa kan. kitorang pulak, system which is divide into two. satu web-based system, another one is mobile apps. :) and yang quite x best, bagi aku laa kan..lecturer kitorang dah set tajuk atau maybe set benda apa kitorang perlu buat...dan kitorang just boleh pilih target user je..target user for each of our group project..itu pun kena cabut undi kot.. the rest kitorang buat sendiri. interfaces, plan on how it works, the content, functionality..how it interact with the user, is it suitable for our target user..yeah, basically it's things like that laa. hehe. 

Team aku, which is lead by Daniel Syaukani, assist by Siti Nadirah as the developer, Mohd Noor Zahiruddin as the editor and me as the designer...kitorang buat Kid's Visual Dictionary (KVD). huh? yeah! our target user is primary school kid. entah laa, tak tahu nak cakap, senang atau susah. but the best thing ever I got from it this sem is TEAM WORK AND MEMORIES! team work kitorang improve a lot banding dengan last sem. nak tahu something? Daniel siap turun sekali kot discussion dengan kitorang. happy kot! 

yeahhh, prove that Daniel ada masa discussion. the one wearing spec. Nad? dia tukang ambik gambar masa nie. :)

Nadirah!!! Asal gambar aku dengan abg nie lawa sangat hah? haha!

sekali lagi! :) sorry, gambar agak blur. >.<

Nad pun sama dengan aku, macam tak percaya je. but yang sedihnya, aku xleh nak tunggu lama dengan dorang..sebab got pain..eh? ada laa. heeeee~ quite sedih, and masa tu aku rasa abg xde macam sedar je aku sakit..aku duduk sebelah dia kot, siap tangan tahan kat perut..menahan sakit sebab nak design poster dengan dia..and yeah, aku end-up balik awal..thanks Nad, sebab sanggup hantar aku sampai bawah blok. yelah, dah pkul 11:30 malam kot, macam laa aku berani sangat nak balik sorang-sorang kan? but esoknya aku dapat good news dari Nad..saying that..haha..sorry, not going to tell ya here..

and let us continue to the D-Day. The HCI Day 2014. what is HCI Day? emm, how to.. okay, HCI Day is where both major, multimedia and software engineering will present our prototype and the judges will judge and give marks to get the top 3 winner from each major. :) unfortunately, kitorang tak menang. but who cares? prototype dah siap pun kira okey apa? I knew right? I knew right? haha. and those memories that I gain, experience..emm..I can't say it..can't put it in words..it's just..well..emm..ohhh, dang! dunno what to say. cuz we're just too happy with it. here's some pictures from that day for you guys. :) enjoy!

Us, at our booth. :)

Us again, from the left~ Zahir, Daniel, Nad and me. and, Nad..perasan tak susunan kita? abg long, abg ngah, kakak and bongsu? :P 

us posing Fitgram pose. :)
Nad tengah hias our booth, while abg Zahir macam..emm..dunno what to say..haha!

why with that face, Daniel? surprise huh? :P

peace pose while abg tengah hias kat belakang. haha.
abg fadli dengan emm..the apple face?

me and my bestfriend, Nad!


wearing 2 tags. guess whose is it? mine and...?

yeay! got a picture with DongWoon oppa's clone. 

"...because selfie with phone camera is too mainstream.." -Nadirah, 2014

oh, well..I'm done! yeay! hope you guys enjoy this entry. thank you for your support who still followed me and my story. sorry for the least update this sem. I will try to improve it and try make it alive again. insyaAllah. :) 

sekian, terima kasih.
Assalamualaikum. ;)

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